Plan C

Hah – I think I’ve cracked it at my third attempt.  In the first two tries my words kept disappearing under a bit of screen.  here we go then…

Hello everyone – or perhaps I should say anyone?

I am brand-spanking-new at this.  Totally shiny.  Straight out of the box.  Still have a full 12-month warranty.  Haven’t the foggiest idea of what I should be doing – I suppose you can tell eh?

One of the tips said a blog is like the diary you kept when you were a kid.  Not much help as I thought diaries were for girls (I was a boy by the way).  Anyway – got up this morning and had my breakfast.  Looked at my e-mails.  My better half got up and I had another breakfast.  Took my little dog (and my neighbours dog) for a long walk.  I call them my bitches.  Had lunch.  Created a blog.  Started blogging.  Had dinner.  Went to quiz.  Came home.  Went to bed. 

The last couple were ficticious as it’s still only mid-afternoon here.

I could have expanded certain parts of my diary – like the part where I took my bitches out.  Really I was looking for dead bodies.  I know that sounds macabre, but have you noticed that when all these bodies are found, it’s invariably by a man walking a dog?  I’ve been dog-walking for decades.  I must be looking in the wrong places.

As this is my first time, I don’t know how long this article should be.  The clever little word count says 228 – oh wait it’s just jumped to 248 – it must be a slow counter.  My point is that I don’t know how many words I should be writing so I’ll pack in and hope that somebody puts me right. (270 now).  No wait 289.

Right – I’m off to read some other peoples’ blogs and then I’ll know better next time.  ‘Bye from me and the bitches.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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