Now it’s Thursday

Oh boy what a busy day.  My lovely wife Marian came with me and the bitches through the lemon groves this afternoon – which was nice. 

A friend gave us a gas-fire – we gave him a bottle of brandy in return.

I started my career as a copywriter – OMFG it’s going to be hard work for little financial reward. 

Swapped a panel heater for an A/C unit with our great neighbour PJ.  It’s a free-standing AirCon Unit which must have cost a bloody fortune – but he says he doesn’t use it.  Our heater panels are great but we don’t use them.  The A/Con unit will be useful when we have summer visitors.

Tegan and Ollie (my surragate grandkids) were let loose on our old gas fire.  I gave them a hammer each and they had a great time bashing the shit out of our old gas fire which was always a thorn in our sides.

To end a good day we were treated to a Chinese meal by Pat and Allen who had just given birth to their latest granddaughter Phoebe.  Cheers Phoebe.  Feebie.  Feaby.  We then christened the latest bar to open in the village – the Sucina Mansfield.  Richie the barman is a right moaning fucker who told us he was tired as he’d been up since five o’clock this morning.  Fuck off Richie – I’m tired ‘cos I’m sixty fucking one and I’ve been up since quarter past nine.

… and so to bed.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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