Warra day

The weather was good eventually.  I have become a hunter/gatherer.  I haven’t done much hunting yet but I’ve gathered quite a bit of wood for next winter.  I’m being very presumptuous here that we’ll have a log-burning fire by next winter.  We both hope so as the house is very damp thanks to the gas-fire.

I’ve also managed to gather some broccoli for me and Mar and a couple of neighbours.  It’s not stealing – when I were a lad it were called gleaning.  That is in the pea-fields after the pea-pullers had been and gone everyone was allowed to collect any peas they’d missed.  It was no use looking where Kitty Robinson had been Because she left nothing behind her.

The broccoli fields have been harvested and even the goats have been let loose in their.  The local goat-herder (he’s not lonely) takes his herd of goats and tidies up fields and patches of land.  Anyway – even the goats left some broccoli behind and this is what I’m gathering.

I’ve also done a bit of copywriting today and the position you have to sit at this bloody computer is back-breaking.  You end up with pins and needles in places that you didn’t know you had.  I had some help with zipped folders from my daughter-in-law Sarah.  Thank you Sarah if you’re reading this.  I’ve stalled again because I need to use a .doc format which means sod all to me.

The reason I’m up so late is that I’ve been downloading a programme which should satisfy my .doc shortcomings.  It’s just pinged after downloading a file the must have been the size of Blackpool Tower.

… and so to bed.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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