Le weekend

Before I start – I’ve realised I put “their” instead of “there” yesterday.  Kinnell – I must be slipping.  Well smack my bum.

Yesterday – me, Mar, William and Heather went up to Pinoso.  Two reasons really – one – to show W & H where we used to live.  Secondly to see Peter and Malli.  Oh – three reasons – and to collect some spring-water from Algorra.  Four reasons really – to give the car a good run cos the blooming, blinking battery is playing up and the run would charge it up a bit.

The fourth and flimsiest reason didn’t work – it looks like a new battery.  At this rate poor old Mar will have no money to take to Ireland with her for Sarah’s wedding.  Bugger.  That’s twenty-five gin and slimlines spent on a bloody battery.

We had a good day though – we had lunch sitting outside a little bar which an old friend (Paul) is now joint tenant of.  The chips were great and the weather superb.  There was this dick-head though who spoilt the lunch a bit – a bloody southerner who kept having a go at northern folk.  I’d made my mind up that one more crack about coal in’t bath and I was going to dive on him.  Metaphorically that is.  The tw4t.

Anyway we went up to M & P’s and showed H & W our old house (next door to M & P’s).

We then dashed home (calling at the spring) to have a meal out at Roy and JJ’s down the street.  The meal and company were excellent and Marian and I ended the evening doing what old people do once a week on a Saturday night.  That’s not watching Strictly Come Dancing by the way.  (We went home first of course – we didn’t want to make everyone laugh).

Whilst up the mountains in Pinoso I bought some widget thingies.  These widgets consist of two circles joined together by a tiny piece of plastic.  One of the circles has a hole in it for putting a screw through – you then fold the other part of the widget over – thereby hiding the screw.  Ingenious.  I bet some clever clogs knows what they’re called.  I used them on my panel heaters this morning.  Prior to these widgets I had used the little cap things which just push into the screw head.  These are great but if you look at them in a harsh tone-of-voice they fall off.

Anyway – I’m off outside to catch a few rays.  It’s gorgeous weather here – rain is forecast for tomorrow.  Ho hum – it’s a hard life.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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