Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Marian and I awoke this morn to find it had been raining and was threatening to do so again.  Whoo hoo – no painting today.  The local and fairly accurate forecast said 20 degrees C by 1300hrs – and guess what – it was spot on. 

Reverse the no-painting decision.

Well at least we (yes, Marian helped) finished the solarium and did a little bit down the stairs.  I’m so glad as I seemed to have been up there for months.  I hope to see more progress now.

Marian has to go to shopping for shoes tomorrow for Sarah’s wedding.  Sarah Kavanagh’s wedding will certainly be Ireland’s if not Europe’s wedding-of-the-year.  I think WWII took less planning.  Jean Jean the Drama Queen hasn’t slept or thought of anything else since the date was announced.  If you’re reading Jean – I’m only joking – if you’re not reading – it’s true.

I got a couple of weird Facebook messages this morning from a female friend – something about her ex stalking her.  It turns out it was a hoax.  Why do people do this sort of thing the Juan Kerrs.  Talking about hoaxes…

We’ve all received e-mails saying things like “Whatever you do – do not open an e-mail from and if you open an e-mail from me, I will come and murder you in your beds and then corrupt your hard drive and you will have to buy a new computer, fridge, washing-machine and telly even though you’re dead.  Well – I received one of these months back and dutifully passed it on to everybody I knew – ha, I didn’t want a red-hot poker shoved up my arse.  One of the recipients of this e-mail was my clever-dicky smart-arse son who took great pleasure in telling me it was a hoax – thereby making me feel like a foolish old-man who had no right to even own a computer.  So – now when I receive one of these “do not open…” things I Google it first – adding hoax to the end of the title.  Seemples.

I can then send it back to the sender saying – “You’re stupid you…”.  The moral of this tale is something or other, I’m sure.

It’s still very pleasant out so I’m taking my bitch for a walk.  Keep smiling.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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