Another day – another tale

Fabulous day weather-wise – it was like summer again.  Trouble is I was painting in the shade.  It’s impossible to paint when the sun’s shining on what you’re painting cos you can’t see what you’re doing for the glare.  Never mind – there’ll be plenty more nice days to come.

Another amusing pit tale for Don…

During the coal industry’s boom years, many young lads were recruited.  Boys (no girls allowed) under eighteen who were going to work underground had to suffer 120 days (if my memory serves me right) training.

Thinking back, this was a long, long time to be entertaining a gang of half a dozen young whippersnappers straight out of school.  Anyway to take up a bit of time, part of the 120 days was First Aid training, making some of the lads think they were doctors.

At Kellingley Colliery, near Knottingley in the West Riding of Yorkshire, some of these young lads were working together as now full-fledged young miners.  Most people know that mining is a dangerous affair and sadly, one of these boys was involved in an accident which broke his leg.

The Deputy, who was the official First-Aider for the area was miles away so the other youngsters took the law into their own hands.  Their FA training came flooding back.  The injured party was in extreme agony and letting all within earshot know.  After the nearest FA Station has been located and a splint duly fitted the little gang were now waiting for transportation out of the mine.

One of the Doctors suddenly remembered that sweet tea was a help to cope with the shock of such a trauma as a broken limb.  The shout went out – has anybody got a flask?  Strangely, giving the tea to Mr Broken-Leg only seemed to increase his suffering.

The accident report on the boy listed his injuries as a broken leg and burns to the mouth.

My next tale involves an explosion.  Anybody interested?


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I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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