It’s been a while

We sold our car to a good friend and neighbour.  I did the deal while Marian was in Ireland at her niece’s wedding.  What a clever boy am I?  Marian came home and wiped the floor with me as I’d sold it too cheaply.  I’m a big softy when it comes to buying and selling stuff.  Marian is as hard as nails.

We went to Goa a few years ago – a fantastic place by the way – and Marian asked a shop-owner how much this pair of fancy flip-flops were.  They were very nice and probably would have been a tenner anywhere else – the shop-keeper replied (converted for convenience) – £1.50.  I’ll give you a pound says Marian.

Anyway – long story short – the car deal was sweetened and Marian was much happier.  We’re now on the look-out for a Spanish banger.  We have our eye on one so fingers crossed.

New subject – I’ve done quite a bit of contacting old friends in the last couple of weeks.  When you think about it – losing contact with friends is the easiest thing in the world – you just do feck all.  Seemples.

A couple of my pals were from my British coal days and the other was an old school friend.  Not just any old school friend – this guy is the founder of the Costcutter mini-supermarket chain and is also the Chairman of Yorkshire County Cricket Club which makes him one of the most important men in Yorkshire.  Whoooo.  I felt sort of honoured when he took the time to reply to my e-mail.  He even said I must have done well to retire to Spain early.  I told him he was a cheeky monkey and that he was the one on Wikipedia.

Another new subject…

Britons have world-wide fame for talking about the weather and I will maintain that tradition.  It’s been caca over here for too long now – over a week in fact and due to go on until Sunday.  It’s the third time this winter that I’ve hung up my shorts.  I have a little job to do in the house so I suppose I should get on with that.  Good idea.

There are proposed Airport disruptions for later this year – Easter being the first but they could go on right through August.  At the moment they could affect Annie’s (my Granddaughter) visit at Easter and my brothers visit in June.  Bugger.  We’ll see.

Bye for now.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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