Sixth Saturday

Here we are – the sixth Saturday of this week.  Dinner party tomorrow night with Heather, William,  JJ and Roy.

I managed to psyche myself up to resume PJ’s painting today.  There’s not much more white to do but what there is is going to be awkward.  I should finish tomorrow and then I can buy the yellow and start on that.  The yellow isn’t too bad – there’s not a lot of it but it’s mostly fiddly.

The Mitsubishi has been in the garage for two weeks for a new cam belt.  They are typically Spanish at the garage with their attitude.  What a stupid thing to say – of course they’re typically Spanish – what would they be – typically Irish?

What I mean is – they don’t plan anything.  If you want a job doing they say “bring it in tomorrow” and then start looking for bits.  Two weeks for a cam belt.  The car was in in August for three days for a service.  They had my mate’s car for a week to fit some sensor.  They kept telling him “come back tomorrow”.

The cam belt job was to be “150 to 200 Euros” – he rang this morning to say it was ready and the cost was 450 Euros.  I don’t know what happened to the original estimate.

My little Brava is going to go in for half a dozen things – I’ll be lucky if I get three done.  spain – you have to love it.  You’d go crackers if you didn’t.

One of the reasons I fell in love with the place happened on a holiday six or seven years ago.  We were staying on an urbanisation about ten miles away which was, and still is, a more mature version of Sucina.  At the end of the street we were staying in was a bloody great big hole in the pathway.  This had obviously been dug to expose a water valve.  It was about two feet square and the same deep.  T’would have made a mess of a leg or ankle of anyone foolish enough to fall down it.

There were no warning triangles, no cones warning of danger, no red and white tape fluttering in the breeze warning of impending disaster.  Nothing.  Sod all.  There should have been a sign saying “If you’re daft enough to fall down this hole, you probably shouldn’t be out on your own” or similar.

The UK is awash with  unnecessary warnings of doom – Spain adopts a much more laissez-faire attitude.  TF.


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I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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