A wet Thursday

What does one do on a wet Thursday in Spain.  Pretty much as you would do in the UK I suppose.

I have my favourite music on as usual.  Father & Son is playing at the moment.  This song contains my very bestest favourite line ever – “From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen”.  Brilliant.  Ah the injustices of life.

My granddaughter is about to go into the last year at Hensall County Primary.  She and her big brother are both gorgeous and one of the hazards of living in Spain is that you don’t see enough of your immediate family.  Anyway – Annie is extremely bright and is in with a chance of winning a place at a local private school.   Wouldn’t that be something?

I attended Hensall CP School in the fifties and it seems like only yesterday.  I met my best friend there.  I remember my old Headmaster – Mr Speak – shouting at us in class one day about – how were we going to cope at the Grammar School if we couldn’t use a pair of scissors as they used them there all the time.  The lying prick – we never used them once in all the time I was there.

Leaving Junior School/starting at Grammar School was, up to then, the most traumatic thing to happen in my short life.  On the very first morning at the big school I remember being in a huge hall that seemed to be the biggest, scariest room I’d ever been in.  All us little first-years names were called out for the different classes and mine was 1B.  The seeding in each year was A to D.  This meant that ‘B’ was neither nowt nor summat.  ‘A’ was the best and the ‘C’ and ‘D’ classes were sort of thick which left ‘B’ in no-man’s-land.  I’m sure that many kids must have been scarred for life when they were chosen in the lower echelons.  Conversely – the ‘A’ streamers must have thought they were the dog’s bollocks.  Us B’s just made up the numbers.

Frank Ifield is now singing ‘I Remember You’ which will always remind me of Linda Brewins who was my first proper girlfriend at Goole Grammar.  She was the first (and last) female to break my heart.  {[I’m glad Marian doesn’t know how to access this!]}.

After enjoying Junior school I thought that Grammar school was sh!te.  However,  since leaving, I have appreciated the basic education it gave me.  For example how many people know what the opposite of ‘noble’ is?  You know – like regular/irregular, necessary/unnecessary, approve/disapprove etcetera.  I’ll bet your all dying to know that the opposite of noble is ignoble.  Ignoble is a word I’ve come across once in the last forty-five years.  Thanks Goole Grammar.

One thing I disliked about GGS was the fact that the teachers called the boys by their surname and the girls by the first-names.  T’wouldn’t happen now I bet.

I could go on but everyone’s now probably drifted back to their own school days.  Happy dreams.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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