Spanish Kiss & a Pit Tale

I saved a draft last week and the bloody thing’s disappeared.  Ah well – it was rubbish anyway.

Those of you who have been reading regularly will know that we have a new car.  It was very unloved when we bought it but with a bit of spit, polish and vacuuming it started to look as though it belonged to somebody.  If the truth is known we both sort of like it.  It’s like an old shoe.  The bodywork underneath all the muck was actually remarkably unscathed.  Until Tuesday that is.

The car – which was manufactured in  the last century had survived for thirteen years without a scratch.  Until last Tuesday that is.  Marian parked it in the village for an hour or two and some rotten, lousy, stinking son-of-a-bitch get it a right bloody clout on the front near-side corner.  Not the end of the world, but such a shame nevertheless.  The same thing had happened to PJ our next-door-neighbour the day before.  Spanish drivers are such careless wankers.  If you’re a Spanish driver reading this – You Are A Careless Wanker.  And a sloppy fu… – whoops – there may be children reading.

In Spain there is a theory that if your car doesn’t have a scratch on it by the time of its first service – the garage will put one on for you.

My mate Don is going off to Portugal today – playing golf don’t you know.  Oooh – there’s posh.  Anyway a pit tale for him to read when he comes back.

I worked in Kellingley Colliery’s Time Office when first leaving school.  I thought it was brilliant hearing all these men swear and sort of being treated like an equal.  Happy days.

Anyway – whilst working in there, the way of working out overtime was changed.  The shift had been divided into sixtieths but changed to a decimalised system in around 1965.  Surface-workers used to be paid 40/60 for a six-hour Saturday morning shift (0600 – 1200).  This was at time and a half so they received a full shift – i.e. 40 plus 20 sixtieths.

If the decimal system does have a fault – it is that it doesn’t like to be divided by three.  Are you with me yet?

When the new decimalised system came into being, the Saturday morning shift was then 66/100 at time and a half which equals 99/100 of a shift.  Not a significant difference you might think.  The first week of the new system coming into being, this Powder Magazine Attendant (I think his name was Arthur – he was a right miserable little twat) came into the Time Office and announced he was ninepence short in his wages.  This was 9d about 4p.

After much argey-bargey it was realised that decimalisation was robbing this poor man out of some of his hard-earned wages.  This caused such a furore – Unions and Management alike became involved.  The outcome was that the Saturday morning shift was shortened by three minutes and became 0600 – 1157.  Power to the people.



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