I forgot to report on my birthday which was last Friday – 1st April.  Almost everybody I know remembers it for obvious reasons.  As a kid I hated it but somewhere along the transition into adulthood I grew to like it because it’s so memorable.

This year’s event was fairly average and enjoyable.  Unfortunately Marian had to work but I managed to cope with this tragedy.  I had a call from my old mate Doug.  He never forgets as I don’t forget his which is the same as my Mother’s – 20th September.  This call passed an hour and as this was drawing to a close I had a visit from big Al.  This passed another hour and by the time I had walked the bitches it was lunchtime.

I cycled to the village to have lunch at the cafe with Marian.  The day was blisteringly hot and I quaffed three bottles of beer with my burger & chips.  This action, of course brought on extreme drowsiness which was easily cured by a couple of hours on the settee.

Up – showered – and out to Heather & William’s for my party.  Why it wasn’t held at home I don’t know.  A few pints, sausage rolls, chicken bites and a lovely piece of Quiche rounded the day off nicely.

Of course with my B/D being on 01.04 there have always been pranks of one magnitude or another happening around me.  My earliest recollection of a prank (indeed one of the earliest recollections of my life) was walking to Wheldon Road (or Wheldon Lane as it was then and still is known) Junior School in Castleford.  Rugby League fans will recognise this as the home of Castleford RLFC.  I digress.

My walk to school was opposite the flow of the older Wheldon Laners going to the Secondary Schools and one of these wags said “Your shoelace is undone” as he walked past me to which I replied…  Now you have to realise that it must have been my sixth B/D…  “It’s mi birthday”.  Pretty slick eh?

Another “fond memory” from my Wheldon Lane days was participating in the sack-race on Sports Day which was actually held on the Rugby Ground.  As I was lining up at the start I spotted my Mother in the crowd.  As I was waving at this proud parent I realised she was making strange movements with her arms.  It eventually dawned on me that she was trying to tell me the others had set off.  Due to this unforeseeable, self-inflicted handicap I came last.

Ah the good old days.




About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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