Earthquakes ‘n’ Stuff

Poor old Sevy was buried today.  Never mind Sevy – if you’re reading this – I am taking up the game so there might be another great golfer in Spain again.

The Murcia region has made worldwide news today because of two earthquakes which had their epicentre near the town of Lorca.  The villagers of Sucina went on a day-trip there last year – including Marian and me.  The town was/is an historical place and it will be a shame if some of the old buildings have been damaged.  Our hearts go out to the families of the fatalities.

The weather is still improving here and it looks like the duvet will have to go any day now.

An update on our local quiz – my team has won the last two weeks in a row and it’s starting to become embarrassing.  What are we to do ?  We could put stupid answers down on our sheet but sadly this isn’t in our natures. 

The ladies who lunch had their latest meeting today in a local restaurant.  They appeared to have a good time.  Marian rang me as I was having my dinner.  She wanted picking up so I said OK give me a few minutes.  I went to Frankie & Louise’s and she’d left.  Bloody women eh?  You can’t live with ’em…

Me, William and Hubert went to the driving range last Monday (see first paragraph).  I am hitting about six out of ten now.  They’re still not going far enough but I’m delighted with my improvement.  Hubert wears a glove and can hit a ball about twice as far as me.  This seems to be the answer then.  Seemples – buy a glove.  I’m saving up.

Neil Lennon, the Celtic football manager was given a clout earlier tonight by an irate fan.  This seems to have caused quite a furore and is going to lead to the downfall of Scotland.  What a L of B.  Lennon gets plenty of money – take the stick as well.  Football in general is so far up its own arse it’s unbelievable.  What a bloody awful game it is to watch.  Footballers are probably on a par with politicians when it comes to being arseholes.

‘Bye for now.


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I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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