Mixed Bag

A bit of a mixed bag today.  We’ve had visitors for a week which left little spare time for blogging.

Our visitors were exceedingly generous and some of their gifts were plants.  One of the plants – a big leafy thing, had a multi-coloured, spiky flower emerging from its centre.  This was immediately named Bart and was planted in the rockery.  I think Bart will eventually become the Cock of the rockery as he’s a big lad already.

Bart (with his flower removed)

He’ll have to use his size as all the others in the rockery are armed with daggers, swords, crossbows, bows and arrows and spears.  He’s settled in nicely.  Of the other three – two are climbers and one matches one we have already.  The two climbers have been planted side-by-side – one will go left and the other right.

One blue one, one white one

The white one is a Cystitis or Halitosis or something.  The blue one is going right (get it?) and is called Lumbago.  I’m looking forward to trimming Lumbago weekly when he gets going.  Kasiopia is very slow-growing and smells gorgeous.  Marian has just looked over my shoulder and says it’s called Stefanotis (spelling?).

The last member of the new boys is called Gladstone Small (or Gladstone to his friends) – you’ll see why from the picture.

He's called Gladstone Small because he sort of has no neck

The picture doesn’t really do him justice.  Some of you may have to “Google” Gladstone Small – he played cricket for England some years back.


The quiz teams continue to flourish – The Loose Women were placed third last week and we had a change of name to The Magnificent Seven even though there were eight of us.  Two of the team just sat there smiling all night and didn’t answer a question between them.  They wouldn’t even commit an answer to which of the Two Ronnies was the older.  Because a point is deducted for every member of the team we had to settle for second place.  Bugger.  Still – it’s only a bit of fun eh?  No it fucking isn’t.


My poorly eye is better.  Thank you for your concern and to all who sent good wishes.  That was nobody by the way so don’t think it was only you.  You’re all a bunch of … Whoa – Rule No.1 – don’t upset your readers.


My good friends (D & C) took us out for a meal on their last night.  We went to a restaurant called la Diva.  The original restaurant (Diva) was opened up the coast a few years ago and was featured on “Living in the Sun”.

Sadly, it was my final visit as I told the owner (Pritpal) what I thought of his customer service.  Over the years, my lovely wife and I have put hundreds and hundreds of Euros of business his way with absolutely no recognition on his part.  As we were leaving I went over and shook his hand and said goodbye.  Are you returning home he enquired.  No, I replied, I’m never coming here again because your customer service and appreciation stinks.  His face was a picture.  I should have taken my camera.


One more thing.  I’ve bought myself a power-saw from Aldi.  Nothing but the best for me.  At a third of the price of a Black & Decker and more or less the same statistics, I’m delighted.  It might not have a quick-release blade or a fancy carry-case but who gives a shit?

It will be used mainly for sawing logs for our log-burning stove.  We don’t possess a L/B/S but when we do buy one we’ll have plenty of logs.  I collect the logs when out walking the dogs by the way.

My new toy


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I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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