Mimi here

Hello everyone – this is Mimi.  Them two buggers have left me on my own again.  Dad hasn’t blogged in a while so I thought I’d have another go.  My last one wasn’t too bad so here we go…

We’ve just had three weeks of siestas or is it fiestas?  I can never remember what they’re called.  You know – it’s when the locals go mad rather than to sleep in the afternoon.

There’s this lunatic up in the village who keeps letting off bombs.  When I tell you I shit myself every fucking time you’ll know it’s not a joke.  All’s quiet and then BOOM!  No warning whatsoever.  Half past bloody eight last Sunday morning he started.  I’m going to get all my pals to sign a petition.  Alfie Meadows doesn’t like them – he’s straight under the bed as soon as he hears the fuse fizzing.  I’m not quite as bad as him but they still make me jump.

Today is the last day of the siestas so maybe things will go quite for a while.


Dad’s built mum a herb garden…

… it’s a bit skew-whiff but knowing how easily upset dad is, mum said it was lovely.  She’s very tactful when she needs to be.  Why he went to so much trouble is anybody’s guess.  all mum wanted was to get them out of pots and into the ground.  Laddo went gathering rocks, filling Flash (the wheelbarrow) with soil, buying mortar and… well basically, he made himself loads of work.

He’s put bits of wood and stuff around the top but it’s still wonky.  If anybody reading this ever sees it – please just tell dad how nice it is.  You might even say “Will you build me one?”  You’re safe – he’ll say no as he won’t build anything for anybody else.  He’s not that stupid .


Mum’s ‘little job’ at the cafe is still interesting to say the least.  Hose B was arrested the other day for going too near his wife.  his wife had taken out a dysfunction or something on him.  Apparently they had a fight but it’s OK because she threw the first punch.  He’s back at work but how long this new set up will last is anybody’s guess.  If you wrote a book about the comings and goings and carrying on, nobody would believe it.




Dad’s job is still continuing at a great rate of knots.  He comes home every day with a new scratch.  Me and mum think he’s self-harming for a bit of sympathy.  The early mornings are bit of a killer – he has to be up at 0830hrs.  Apparently when he worked at’pit he had to be up at 0415hrs.  I think that’s a LoB myself.


Before I go – I have to tell you this – dad is going to be Quizmaster tomorrow night.  Frank has given him the questions but he’s made some up himself as well.  No doubt he’ll be letting you know how well the night went.  If you don’t hear then you know it was a disaster!

See you.





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I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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