Strictly etc…

I don’t think everyone knows that my lovely was a regular competitor on “Come Dancing” as it was before the professionals and “celebrities” took over.  What I mean when I say not everyone knows is – there are four people in South America who don’t know – and nine in Africa.  i.e.  I tell everybody because I’m proud of her.  She plays it down considerably.  It was a long time ago.

Because of the fact she competed it makes her an avid viewer of “Strictly” and an excellent judge.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t watch it.  Honest.  I’m a hairy-arsed ex-Yorkshire miner – what would the likes of me be doing watching a load of sissies prancing about.  Absolutely no fucking way.  Never.  Never ever.

When I say I never watch it – er – I’m sometimes in the room when the programmes on and you can’t help but glance at the screen occasionally.  Hey – that Lulu’s looking well eh?  Apparently.

Anyway – the one who’s getting on my nerves this year (if I watched it) is Chelsee.  Fucking ChelsEE.  What were her parents thinking of?  They’re either as thick as fuck and can’t spell or they’re just as thick as fuck.  Mind you – I can’t talk as one of my direct descendants has a stupid name.  I’ve nothing against ChelsEE apart from the fact she can’t speak her native tongue (English) very well – like most of her generation.

This going up at the end of every sentence is really annoying.  There is a proper name for it – ADI or AFI or something similar – Australian whatever Inflection.  We invented the bloody language and this generation either want to talk like Blackies or Aussies.  Sheesh.

Moan over (for now).


I survived being the Quizmaster last monday night – with only a few scars – most of them mental.  I missed the camaraderie of participating and my team missed me as they were nearly last.  The ladies’ team came a very creditable third place, won a fiver and were highly delighted with themselves.  I hope Frank asks me again when he goes away because it’s a nice change.


We had a little shower of rain last night.  About an hour but not enough to fill up the butts.  That’s the first drop of rain for about five weeks.  The weather has turned cooler but it’s to warm up again next week.


My mate Jeff is going to work with me tomorrow.  He wants some tree-felling experience as he has a huge beech-hedge at home.  My boss has bought an electric chain-saw but Jeff wants to play with his father-in-law’s petrol one.  Trouble is that the petrol one’s locked in a shed and we have no keys.  My boss is away for a couple of days so I bet the electric one’s a prisoner somewhere too.  Never mind – we would have been no good as tree-fellers as there’s only two of us.  If you’re not bent over laughing – read that last sentence again.  Arthur Haynes told that about fifty years ago.

‘Bye for now.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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