Odds & Sods and a pit tale.

A few ramblings as there’s sod all on TV.

The Grumpy Old Men won the quiz on Monday night.  It was tight – it went to a tie-breaker which was “How far is the moon from earth?”  Albie came up with the nearer answer.  The two we beat call themselves Two M’s in Em’s which is quite a catchy name but they’re a pair of miserable fuckers so it was nice to beat them that way.

The male M moaned afterwards that we only won because there were five of us.  Jeff threatened to give them Mick next week.  This would be like throwing a drowning man an anchor.  Mick is a thoroughly lovely guy but he just sits all night smiling.  He answers one question a year and the rest of the team know that anyway.  He seems to enjoy the night bless him.  It wouldn’t be right to kick him out because he was there before me.


My little job carries on satisfactorily but there ain’t much more to slash and burn.  I’m dying to get my teeth (or the chainsaw’s teeth) into felling the trees.  If these blogs stop suddenly you’ll know a tree landed on my head or I’ve chopped off the wrong limb.  As I’ve never chopped a tree down in my life I’d better read up on it somewhere.  I’m imagining that it isn’t rocket salad and you start with the branches and work down.


I felt the first autumnal nip this morning.  When I opened the front door, the outside thermometer was showing 15 degrees C which is four degrees lower than any other morning lately.  By midday it was really warm and my lovely wife spent the afternoon sun-bathing on our solarium.  A solarium isn’t as grand as it sounds – we live in a bungalow and the flat-roof is optimistically called the solarium.


I recently remembered another amusing tale from my mining days…

Whilst working at Riccall Mine in the Selby coalfield in the twilight of my mining career a hilarious thing happened.  To give the background – at the end of every shift, everybody gathered at a junction about five minutes walk from the pit-bottom (where we boarded and alighted the cage [the lift]).  This was a sort of cooling off place where there would be twenty or thirty guys skulking at the end of every shift for ten, twenty or even thirty minutes.

One thing about miners is that they lie to get comfortable when relaxing and many devices for sitting on had been made.  We’re not talking a Doctor’s Waiting-Room here.  Much pleasanter than that.

Right – one day, me and another guy had been given a job tidying up a piece of roadway fairly close to this waiting-room.  We really got stuck into this – we were like Cool Hand Luke’s gang when they laid that stretch of road working like mad-men – and consequently we also finished with plenty of time to spare.  We relaxed some and then went to the waiting-area early to get one of the better seats.

I’ll continue later if anybody’s interested…


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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