An update and a moan

Well as you can see, there has been quite a bit of progress.  Just out of shot (upwards) the stonework and pipework end.  The two 45 degree (or 135 degrees really) bends need inserting to get the flue through the wall and then a couple of lengths of pipe to reach the desired height.  A couple of half-days should do it.

The daytime weather is still unbelievably good and our neighbours were going to the beach today with the intention of swimming.  Mind you, JJ swims in the North Sea ion the UK so she’s used to breaking the ice before she has a dip.

Evening temperatures are relatively cool but there’s the lovely aroma of wood smoke everywhere on the estate at night.  Hopefully we’ll be joining to the stink soon – unless the temperatures stay tantalisingly warm.


My moan now…

Unfortunately, this world we live in is definitely unfair.  I know my lovely wife and I have a happy enough existence.  We live in a country with fabulous weather.  We have a nice little detached bungalow (or villa as they’re known over here), a colour TV, H & C running water, food in our bellies and a car (of sorts).

I have done a myriad of jobs included working in a coal mine – a job which was probably the happiest time of my working life strangely enough.  My lovely wife has also done her share of donkey work as long as her health would allow.  I once famously said to her that Tony (her ex) had the best years out of her and I got the BUPA years.  She did see the funny side of that… Eventually.

The point I am so clumsily trying to make is that we both worked for what we have.  Other people think they can walk into your house and just take what they want from you.  When I think about this it makes my fucking boil bleed.

Yesterday, my mate HD and his wife RD were burgled.  RD was out having lunch with the usual gang who “do lunch” once a month.  My mate H was working at his front gate with the couple from across the road all day.  Mid-afternoon, H went in to use his mobile and realised it had gone.  Also missing were another phone, an eye-patch (you know – one of them things what plays music), a genuine Rolex watch and other irreplaceable stuff.

It’s amazing to think of the cheek of these rotten lousy, thieving bastards to walk into a house in broad-daylight with the home-owner less than twenty yards away.

I’ve thought of a punishment if the twats were caught.  Knee-capping, stripping knacker-bare and being left up a mountain in winter.  They should be kept in custody until a really cold night.  Their diet would be twelve cream-crackers and an eggcup of water per day.  No toilet facilities at all for a wash or pee or poo.  A single cell which was not big enough to lie down in.  No window.  No visitors.

Well maybe once a month allow them out of the cells into a yard where they would be put in the stocks and the people who they robbed could throw stones at them.

The trouble is – I bet it’ll never happen.


About Stevie B

I retired to the sun in February 2010. I am far from bored but I do need an interest (preferably one that pays).
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